Goldmyk's Debut at MAGIC 2017
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Goldmyk's Debut at MAGIC 2017

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After two months of dedicated planning, our debut at Sourcing at MAGIC, in February 2017, was exceptional. Our staff was working hard behind the scenes to design the perfect booth and developing new samples.

The design of the booth was inspired in a vintage look by using wood wallpaper, vintage car plaques, hangers and plants to give life and color contrast. The intention was to create a comfortable and welcoming environment, while catching the attention of those passing by.  


“I really liked the booth; it stands out from the other booths and does not look boring. It looks very hip!” - commented a client. With over 100 visits, our booth received a lot of compliments and we are truly thankful for all the people who spent some time with us. We took more than 100 hat samples, ranging from the traditional baseball caps to the trendiest snapback hats. 

Goldmyk started off the year on the right foot by making an outstanding performance, building great connections and gathering meaningful feedback from our visitors. These experiences help us to keep on improving our production capabilities and customer service experiences. Let's prepare for our next exhibition!

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