Acrylic? Cotton? Or Maybe Others?
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Acrylic? Cotton? Or Maybe Others?

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Are you confused about which hat to choose? Well… here we have some of the material descriptions so you can have a better picture after you read this article. 

We have selected the top 4 materials we use at Goldmyk and we are sharing with you their advantages according to Livestrong (2015). These materials are: 
Cotton – Cotton is soft and comfortable. It is hypoallergenic and won't irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. The fibers are spun tightly into yarn that won't irritate skin or cause static electricity. Cotton is perfect for wearing in the summer, as it can easily absorb body moisture and help keep you dry by drawing it away from the skin where itevaporates in the air around you. Cotton is strong, durable and resists abrasion. All cotton garments are machine washable and can stand up to repeated washings in hot water. Cotton fibers also dye very well, offering vibrantly colored yarn.

Wool – Wool hats are made from the fleece of sheep. It is a natural fiber and requires a higher attention to care than its acrylic counterpart. Although wool is generally more expensive than other materials, its benefits are well worth the cost. Wool is water-resistant as well as moisture-wicking, which means the fiber breathes well and can eliminate perspiration. For people who are not allergic to animal fibers such as wool, the material can keep you warm and feels extremely soft on the skin.

Acrylic – Material for acrylic hats is man-made, consisting of synthetic fibers. Hats made of this material are inexpensive and don't typically have any special washing instructions. Acrylic headwear keeps its shape, holds its color, and is resistant to stains and wrinkles. Acrylic does not breathe well, so wearing a hat made from this material in warmer environments may make you sweat. However, acrylic is lightweight and considered a viable option for people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions to wool.

Polyester – Polyester fabric has a variety of beneficial uses with limited health and safety concerns. Polyester fabric usually is a stable, sensible choice when accompanied by proper care and handling.
So know you now more about them, and we hope you can select a material according to your needs. Here in Goldmyk we will be glad to guide you if you still have more concerns.


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