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  • GOLDMYK - Company Video

    A short introductory video of Goldmyk Industrial CO, LTD. See here

  • Baseball Cap Manufacturing Process

    This article mainly shows the process of manufacturing a baseball cap. From the design to the quality control, you can see with a little more detail each process of assembling a cap. Read more

  • Hat Glossary

    In case you were thinking that hats were simple,here is an interesting "Hat Glossary" made by The Hat Magazine. Click here

  • Keep using your knitted hats in Summer!

    Yes, you read it right! Knitted hats can be also used in summer. You may think it will feel weird or too hot to wear them, but they are not as hot as you think!

  • Hats and Caps - A Growing Market

    The hats and caps industry is growing each year with the change the consumers' changing behavior towards sun protection and sunburning prevention. The USA is the biggest market in the world for these type of products. Read more

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